Wax On, Wax Off

This post is about bikini waxing, or rather, not waxing.  I couldn’t find another way to introduce the topic that didn’t sound forced – so there you go.

During the summer, I go to my wax specialist every 3 weeks while doing my own maintenance in between.  I guess you can say I am fairly self-conscious of this body “feature,” being of Russian descent.  Nuff said.  I have tried Nair, even the extra strong variety.  It still takes forever to begin working, doesn’t work completely and I end up with a horrible, uncomfortable rash as the hair grows back in.  But that’s a lot of money for a year-round treatment.  Totally worth it in the summer when we go to the pool 2 times a week, but in the winter when our child wants to go swimming normally I just bow out.

Recently, though, J invited me to the hot tub with him after a work out and I couldn’t go ‘cuz I was totally grown in.  But I wasn’t happy about it.

When J and I sit in the gym’s hot tub, it is the one place where our daughter can’t interrupt us.  Fifteen minutes of conversation all our own – our special time.

So the dilemma is – how can I continue to take a winter break from waxing and still take a dunk in the tub?  (I once wore J’s swim trunks over my bathing suit but that just screamed “I HAVEN’T SHAVED IN AGES!”  I was embarrassed by the obviousness of it.)  What do you do when you need to wear a suit in a pinch and haven’t been properly groomed?  Any bathing suit companies that are good for this?


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  1. Oh do I feel your pain on this…..Don’t know if it will work for you, but I keep a couple of sets of women’s boardshorts and matching bikini and tankini tops handy for this kind of “emergency.” I live in FL and it never fails that the week I miss my maintenance appt, someone wants to go to the beach or the pool.

    Lots of moms in my group have gone to board shorts because they can be very flattering and feminine and look like a choice instead of an — um — necessity due to an unfortunate follicular emergency.

    I’ve had good luck with titlenine.com and athleta.com.

    • I like the board shorts idea. I really hate wearing bikinis, although I try each year to wear one with confidence. Doesn’t work too well. I might try the boy shorts over a one piece, although even writing it sounds like it will look stupid. Board shorts can be worn over anything.

  2. Quite the dilemma. If in a pinch, a quick shave with a razor, slather on some cream and into the tub you go. Of course, you may want to have an emergency waxing kit at home too. You can also purchase a “winter” bathing suit, the kind that has cute boy-shorts type bottoms, those usually cover my bikini area better. Personally though, my husband has gotten over any hair issues, if its just the two of us, I’ll tell him straight up, “I haven’t shaved in ages, don’t mind my jungle!” and laugh if off. he just ignores it and life goes on.

    • Thankfully, it isn’t a hubby issue but a me issue. He doesn’t care – says no one will notice. Well, that is like walking out to the hot tub holding puppy in my arms – people will certainly notice!

  3. Could you not wear a longer legged bathing suit? Like boyshorts? I am also embarrassed of my hair growth (i am part italian) so i almost never go swimming. But whe id o have to its boyshorts all the way!

  4. Hmmm…. Feeling sort of lucky to be of German/Dutch descent. Of course, there is a possibility that I’m woefully deluded into thinking that daily appointments with my razor are keeping things sufficiently under control. I suppose that’s an issue to discuss with my husband at some point…

    I’m going to agree w/ the boy shorts tankini idea – you’d look adorable in those with your ridiculously long legs. With your high heeled tennis shoes. Ok, not with the shoes. But without the shoes, definitely!

  5. Ha! This is hilarious. I just tried waxing for the first time this past summer, if that gives you any indication to how hairy I’m *not* … plus, ya know, I am a natural blond. Dark blond, but still… blond…

    OMG expensive. And OMG PAINFUL. Ow ow ow. I only did it once and couldn’t muster up the courage to go again, although I certainly do like the benefits.

    That said, I agree with the boy shorts thing!!!

  6. What about boy shorts with a tank? Like the tankini top part? I think that would look really cute, actually.

    Something like these with the tankini top?

  7. what a dilemna for us women!
    This reminds me of an episode of Family Guy. When Meg Griffin traded bodies with her mother (think Freaky Friday) and she comes out of the bathroom and asks “Who fired the gardener?” I have been contemplating the board short idea also.
    pieceful bits

  8. I don’t wax…the thought of yanking hair from my body alarms me and makes muscles tense up. In a pinch, shave, wipe with a stridex pad to prevent (and eliminate) razor rash/bumps, and head to the tub. I’m German (the hairy kind) and Italian so I know hair. My legs get a 7 o’clock shadow but if you aren’t stubbly or looking like a yeti, truly, no one will notice.

    • To Naimhe:

      A yeti! Hilarious!

      I can’t believe you shave! That is brave. I think I’m going to go with one of the boyshorts bathing suits instead. Painful only to the pocket book!