Back to Reality (Update from Sales post)

Thanks to everyone who read and commented on the “sales” post. Most of the comments were about how people are in the same boat. That helped, actually. Knowing I am not alone (and getting a couple of pointers like, “deep breath before each call”) got me over my worries.

Yesterday, I made my calls. I don’t have too many, and I made them with loads of confidence. Even when I got someone on the phone and, after greeting me with much enthusiasm, the potential client asked me what project we had previously talked about and I COULDN’T REMEMBER! (Perhaps the next step is to prepare for each call.)

Also, I emailed a member of my book club and asked her to connect me with her husband who works for a consumer product company right here in my city. I had been promising myself to do that for 6 months. Did it! She agreed to the introduction and now the husband asked me to call him to help. This is a huge company that we have been trying to get into for years now.

A girlfriend gave me some perspective that was kind of hard to hear because I hate to sound ungrateful for what I have already. But it was good perspective. She reminded me that I am fortunate to have the choice to work or not (basic needs like a roof over our head are covered). That comment got me on the phone, calling. See, if I have the opportunity to do something that will move our family forward, I owe it to our family and to myself to do it. I know that we are very fortunate on this very day because my husband has a job. Tomorrow, well, who knows, right?

I am turning my focus from me and my fears and on to what is important to our family. And next week, when I go back to call these same people again, I will read your comments for courage and perspective (cuz you know I would rather be watching Scrubs).

And when I get my first project of 2009, I will let you know!


3 responses to “Back to Reality (Update from Sales post)

  1. I’d rather be watching Scrubs too, or Grey’s Anatomy, or quite frankly anything rather than what I should be doing.

  2. I nominated you for another award! Pick it up at when you have time.


  3. I, too, HATE selling myself. I can’t put on phony enthusiasm & I am scared to death of rejection on a phone call – it’s too personal. I’d way rather be rejected by email. But with my little side business, I HAVE to start putting myself out there. So I know how you feel. It’s like, why can’t I just write a form letter & leave it at that? But we all know why – it’ll get tossed in the trash.

    I think that when you have the attitude of “This is a good move for my family” over “OMG – I have to do this or we’re going to be living at the local shelter!” makes it easier. When I’m scared & pressured about making money, it depresses me & shuts me down.

    So, now I am thinking to myself to put a bunch of pokers in the fire because if some of them pan out, we can get out of debt, but if they don’t – well, we can still pay the bills. It makes me more enthusiastic to try when there is no dark cloud of pressure over my head.

    Good luck!