UPDATE: An Affair to Avoid

So, I’m in the gym locker room yesterday getting dressed the woman I wrote about in “An Affair to Avoid” walks into my locker area.  At first I didn’t know if it was her because, you know, she was moving around getting ready to work out and staring is rude. She was only 5 feet from me! Fairly certain it was her, I wondered what she was doing at the gym if her membership was supposedly canceled after February.

I’m applying some old Kate Spade body lotion (“Beauty,” discontinued) when she turns to me and says, “That smells amazing! What is that?”

As I am telling her the name of this product, I am freaking out inside. First of all, no one and I mean NO ONE talks to me at the gym. I am always alone and people rarely if ever strike up conversation. Second, no one strikes up conversation with someone half naked! And there we were, discussing body lotion with me in a towel.

No, I didn’t ask her about her affair and how she managed to slide by the front desk and get in to the gym anyway. And how ironic my one authentically nice interaction at the gym is by the woman who’s misfortune turned into my good fortune.

Next time I see her, I’ll have to say “hello.”


18 responses to “UPDATE: An Affair to Avoid

  1. Has it occurred to you that maybe the rumors are just that? Rumors?

    She might be a nice, misunderstood lady.

    And just because she spends a lot of time in the gym, it doesn’t mean she’s neglecting her kids. Staying fit and healthy is one of the most important things we can do to provide stability for our children.

  2. That’s right — say nothing, ever, because you might be wrong. Say nothing except the most innocuously polite remarks, and in this way stay completely safe, boring, and bottled up. Great plan!

  3. I don’t understand. I read the original post and then I read this one. Did I miss something? You don’t know this woman personally so until now what could you possibly have said to here? Now, you do have a reason to speak – using the lotion as your conversation starter – and maybe you’ll get to know her and her perspective, all without hitting her with “well, I heard…” Then maybe you’ll find out it’s true – or not. Maybe you’ll find out the kids are more than well cared for and well-adjusted – or not. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll get to know her, find out she really had an affair, find out her kids are a little off because of missing mom and maybe you’ll be able to be a helpful friend. Who knows. But at this point, why do your assumptions (because really, the only story worth listening to is hers and her husband’s) mean you need to say something to her? I am honestly thinking I must be missing something. Enlighten me.

    • Sorry. Didn’t mean to imply that I needed to say anything to her. I was simply surprised to have this person speak to me out of all the people in the gym, that’s all. Thought people would find it interesting. I don’t believe I will actually become friends with her, although certainly anything is possible. And if I find that I was completely wrong about it all, I will retract everything. I still have the lesson I learned, regardless of if the rumors are true or not.

  4. Or maybe they’re not rumors and she totally nailed her personal trainer this way and that while popping diet pills and trying to escape her home life.

    Maybe her home life sucks. Maybe her husband is a jerk. Maybe she has had a personal crisis of serious magnitude or maybe she is just a plain old self-centered bitch.

    You’ll never know unless you talk to her. 🙂

    And Lydia (above) dear, just because you don’t denounce another woman as a whore in the locker room doesn’t mean you’re boring and bottled up. It just means that you aren’t going to jump to your own fantastical conclusions and wantonly hurt someone else’s feelings… not to mention you don’t wish for a black eye.

  5. it’s gettin’ hot in here!

  6. On a lighter note, I totally know what you mean about how weird it is when someone suddenly talks to you at the gym. Especially when you’re getting dressed. Every once in a while that happens to me and it’s always a little freaky, although also nice to “meet” the people I usually just see in passing.

    Just found your blog and am enjoying it so far!

  7. Hey, you call it wantonly hurting someone else’s feelings, I call it writing a provocative blog post.

    Nice people who assume the best don’t have blogs I want to read. I’m sure someone wants to read them, but I don’t.

  8. Whatever about the affair, who is screwing who is so highschool. It really isn’t any business of mine.

    What I really want to talk about is Kate Spade’s Beautiful. That has been my summer fragrance going on 6 years now. Since I had a baby I have been so disconnected. Uggh when did she discontinue it?

    • You know, I could be wrong about the fragrance being discontinued. Someone told me it is. I’ll check.

    • Well, I guess I was wrong! It isn’t discontinued. Someone told me it was but you can find it at http://www.katespade.com.

      Also, the issue of the affair is not about the affair. It is about what I discovered about my parenting when I heard that she might have had one. I don’t know for sure that she did or didn’t. I invite you to read the original post to get the whole story.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  9. Apparently, you don’t write the blog posts you’d like to read, either.

  10. Fred Hemmingston II

    “Nice people who assume the best don’t have blogs I want to read. I’m sure someone wants to read them, but I don’t.”

    Would you count blogs about Home Schooling and reasons you love your dog as edgy and exciting reads, or perhaps bland and boring.

  11. Now I’m interested and off to read more of your blog! LOL

  12. Wow, way to expose my incredible hypocrisy. My children and students read my homeschooling blog. So it’s not really *for* provocative posts, although it got that way during the election. The dog post was actually one of my forays into something bordering vicious on that blog… although I can see how you would miss the sarcasm while scanning titles.

    I do have another blog that my children don’t read: http://www.theharpoonist.com

    Not that it matters. What I write or don’t write is beside the point — I was defending the blogger of this blog right here. A dangerous business, I guess. She tweeted about having been attacked in her comments. I followed the link here and said a few words in her defense. Christ, what a snake pit I stepped into.

    By all means, carry on with your sanctimonious pile-on. Maybe she enjoys it. 🙂

  13. Lydia, I was just personally emailed by meomoirgirl telling me you were defending her as well. Looks like we cross-defended, huh?

    But you guys can’t blame me for failing to notice any trolls prior to Lydia’s ‘provacative’ comment. I thought she was aiming for the writer of this blog, not the 1st commenter. See?

    But regardless.. ‘snake pit’? ‘Sanctimonious pile-on’? LOL! I don’t know about that Fred guy, and can only speak for my own comments, but aren’t you being a little dramatic, especially given your little snarky ‘tude? You get what you give, toots.

  14. Wow, the hits just keep coming.

    I’m bland, boring, hypocritical, my blog is not provocative, and I’m also “a little dramatic.”

    If this is death by 1000 small cuts, you only have 995 to go! I know you can do this. I’m pulling for you.

    If it helps, I was referring to the sanctimonious pile-on directed toward the blogger… all the “if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all, and don’t listen to rumors, and you should talk to her before judging her” nonsense. I don’t think you were being sanctimonious toward me. But you could try!