Legislative Day!

Tomorrow I drive to Austin on a bus full of men and women to advocate for medically accurate sexuality education in our schools. I have to wake up wicked early and since it is cold and raining I’ll likely be uncomfortable in heels. But it will all be worth it to let our Texas legislators know that teens need the right information, not misconstrued, misleading and false information, to protect themselves against STDs and pregnancy.

Soon I’ll be posting an article on another website about the condition of sexuality education in Collin County schools. If you can’t believe our schools would intentionally lie to students to scare them into abstinence, think again!

I’ll post a link here when the article is “published.”

Wish me luck!


4 responses to “Legislative Day!

  1. Oh, good luck. It is appalling that ideology holds an entire generation of school children captive in ignorance.

    And that that same ideology keeps trying to mess with science education.

    Despite my sneaking suspicions that you may be banging your head against a brick wall, I salute you.

    Well done.

    • Thank you! For my reps, yes, it will be banging on said wall. But some reps need only to know that people are in favor of it and also who else will vote for the bill. Thankfully not every legislator is conservative in Texas.

  2. You go with your bad self!!!! Get ’em!

  3. Good for you! Go get ’em.