Birthday Diary

Surprise!Thanks to anyone who looked at my blog while I have been on hiatus (unofficially).

My life is upside down in the worst way, so to bring a little bit of cheer and “happy thoughts” into my brain I am going to review my birthday weekend.  Well, really the Friday night before my birthday party because that was by far the best part.

Years ago I told J I had never had a surprise party and always wanted one.  Unbeknownst to me, J set a surprise party in motion for my 40th birthday almost 3 years ago.  So all that complaining I was going about missing my friends and family on this significant birthday?  He was just chuckling underneath his compassionate expression.

For 3 years, J was taking money out of his wallet and hiding it around the house.  (“I can’t believe you never found any of it!” he laughed on Friday night.What can I say?  I’m not a snoop.) In 2007, he and my mom worked out dates and began to get everyone on board: my sister and her kids, my brother and her kids, my cousin and her husband and his family, none of who live in my state.   And I never knew a thing!

On the Friday night before my party, I thought I was meeting my parents for dinner.  J was, oddly, not rushing us out the door.  That was the first weird thing.  Second weird thing was him calling my mother on our way to the restaurant to see if they were there already.  I heard her say “David and Shaina,” my brother and sister-in-law, and I thought for a moment they might be in.  But that was ridiculous – they have three young kids. They wouldn’t come in.  At the restaurant, my parents were sitting at the bar even though we had a table.  That was the third odd thing.  The last one was J trying to hold my hand as we walked to the table.

I tried looking for my brother and his family to the right and when I turned to the left, all of my family was standing there (ironically, not my brother but he was on his way).  I cried my eyes out!  I was so happy to be with them all and couldn’t believe that they were there for me. (J tried so hard to get friends to come but the economic downturn made that impossible.  One friend, Laura, came in on Saturday night for my party, also a surprise.  It was awesome to be together, even for a day.)

After all that fretting over turning 40, I stood there with my family and basked in their love, forgetting about my age.  All I could think was, “They did this for me.”

I have the best husband.  Thoughtful, loving, compassionate and fun.  He took care of me, and I will appreciate that for a long time to come.


2 responses to “Birthday Diary

  1. You truly have a prize. What a sweet guy!

    Of course, if my hubby ever threw me a surprise BD party, I’d have to kill him. But that’s just us.

    Happy birthday, again. Forty really isn’t so bad.

    I’m staring at fifty, now. You’ll have to cheer me up next year.

  2. Dude. You totally do have the best husband. Do you do rentals?

    Ps. Happy birthday!