Put down that corkscrew! Slowly, slowly…

My husband and I quite drinking for January. Bottom line, we were drinking too much. It just wasn’t healthy any more. Speaking for myself, I was using alcohol as a crutch for stress – but now I see that I was caught in a vicious circle. I’d feel stressed, drink some wine…(repeat for three nights in a row)…feel crummy from dehydration and poor sleep…less able to handle stress, I’d drink some wine…stop for a night out of guilt…feel stressed, etc. It just wasn’t working. I didn’t want to admit it because then I’d have to deal with, well, whatever I was avoiding by drinking.

I also have a view of “evening” as “Adult Time,” and I used wine as the delineation of that time. But, at some level, the symbolism became more important than the impact of it. In other words, when I struggled with parenting, having a glass of wine was like my way of saying, “I’m not a parent now because I am drinking.” Which we can also call, “bullshit.”

J easily agreed to this little break because he is trying to get back into good health, too. Instead of wine, I drink tea. Quite a lot of tea.

Here are some things I have discovered so far:

1. I no longer enjoy the taste of cheap wine. I don’t care if it has a decent rating on the card at the grocery store, if it is on sale for $4.99, it isn’t going to taste full, or rich, or pungent or any of those other classy words used to describe a bottle costing $40 or even $20.

2. I have energy all the way through the day, rather than slowing down around 3pm. In fact, I have been significantly more productive and able to handle my busy life.

3. I’m not yelling at L in the mornings about getting ready for school. (That’s worth its weight in gold, really.)

4. I’m not bloated. Enough said.

5. I generally just feel better.

I am not swearing off alcohol. I enjoy the taste of beer and wine. Instead, we will purchase good tasting beverages, enjoying them as special occasions, a choice done with thought and care.  I am very much looking forward to that delicious red wine that’s coming in a couple of weeks, because it will be something earned.

4 responses to “Put down that corkscrew! Slowly, slowly…

  1. Loved your post – excellent reasons for taking control of a situation that you felt was beginning to “control” you.

    I’m glad you can see the benefits of your decision to reduce your intake so early on, that will help you to stick to it and figure out your balance.

    love you,


  2. Um…I SOOO wish I could do this, but I LOVE my vino & champagne too much…..but I know the benefits would be nice…..
    I give kudos to you…..
    I have slowed down…well not in last few days, but in last month….that I think is the best I can do…..maybe

  3. By the way I am drinking wine while I write this & the last comment…..
    *slaps hand*

  4. Good for you! I haven’t stopped drinking, but I’ve definitely chilled out. Like you, as soon as the kids were down I’d pour myself something and then park myself on the sofa for the night. So lame. And it’s not like I was paying attention to what I was drinking or really enjoying it. And having even juts one drink EVERY night is a very bad habit. This all occurred to me a couple of weeks ago, and taking a break has made me feel so much better! Go us! 🙂