I’m back even though I wasn’t gone.

Wow. January. My last post was in January. It’s worse than I thought.

I didn’t have much momentum on this thing anyway, but still, I know a few people read what I write and occasionally people say they like it. Still. January?  It is April. Yikes.

Mostly I stopped blogging because there was only one thing on my mind and I couldn’t write about it – J was laid off in February. Yes, it is something worth writing about but my husband is a private person where I am not and he really didn’t want me to share about it. He took it personally, like it was his personal failing that got him laid off.  Such is the burden of the male psyche.

I honored his need and didn’t tell anyone other than family and close friends.  We were terrified, to put it plainly. J had 5 weeks to find new work at his place of work (a big, big company) before his final day. At the 11th hour (meaning, the last hour of his last day of his job), he got hired by a new group. Once again, my husband triumphs. He is the best.

There you have it. I plan to keep writing because there are so many things to say. Like, my daughter is going to be six in May and I really don’t want her to grow up. Like, I’ve quit going to the gym because I don’t know what I am going there for since my body doesn’t even change for the better even when I go 5 days a week. Like, this bullying situation is really freaking me out even though my child is 6 and I don’t know how to contain my anxiety about it, since I am convinced it will happen to my child.

Things like that.

4 responses to “I’m back even though I wasn’t gone.

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. I don’t know if you’ve run into this site, but I mention it to all of the folks who have bullying issues:


  3. L – Several friends here locally have had their husbands laid off recently, one from the same company. You guys are so fortunate that he found something else so soon. It is bad here..

  4. I messed up, when Brett was laid off this last time, I made a blog post about it here: http://lindaleestudio.blogspot.com/2010/04/curve-ball.html

    and my mother in law read it before Brett had a chance to call her.


    So, she was all freaking out and Brett wasn’t too happy either, not that he minded I’d talked about the actual news, he just minded that I’d posted about it before he had the chance to tell everyone.

    I chalked it up to a moment of weakness… I was out of town when I found out, and feeling really alone and isolated, and that was my way of reaching out.

    He’s still unemployed.

    You and J are extremely lucky!!