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Her Birthday is My Birth Day

Queen for a day, princess for a lifetime

Today is L’s birthday and the anniversary of the happiest day of my life. Realizing that we are now 6 years away from that glorious day makes me wistful and a bit sad. Buffering the dread of the continued demise of her innocence (2nd Miley Cyrus song purchased today) is the joy and pride of her birth.

I worked HARD to bring her into the world in as close to my terms as I could. No pain medication, a midwife instead of a doctor but still at a hospital, my mom there even though she struggled to watch me go through it (I think she asked for my epidural). My best friend video taped it. J was next to me, keeping me positive. After many, many hours and a few quick naps, my beautiful baby came into the world. My efforts drew Rock Star status in the O.B. wing. I glowed with love and pride.

True to kid form, L is celebrating her birthday as loudly as she can. A crown, a pretty dress, the class singing Happy Birthday. It is her day.

In my heart, in my mind, quietly, I celebrate her birthday as my day, too.

It Only Ends Once – My Take on the Lost Finale

It could be PMS.  That is my official explanation for why I am still weepy over the Lost finale. Otherwise I’d have to admit this emotional state is due to mourning characters. And that, well, that would be CRAZY!

I drove home from watching the series finale at a movie theater bawling like a baby. I can’t believe Jack died. I really didn’t think he would. I held out for Jack living on the island while he sent his friends home after they destroyed Man In Black. I thought that somehow the sideways timeline would end since MIB died, and everyone would live happily ever after. I realized that that ending would leave questions about a sequel or a Lost movie, something the writers adamantly refused to consider. With Jack dying and the island safe from the Smoke Monster, the story has no need for a movie. The story is done.

I appreciate that the most, even though I am not happy with it. The writers found a way to end the story. I know people are upset that all of the questions were not answered. My comment to them is, “Get a job writing a series in Hollywood that blows everyone’s mind, and then find a way to end it without pissing anyone off. Go ahead. Try.” We don’t know what it is like to have their job, we don’t know what it takes to write something that makes millions of fans around the world, a show that is full of mystery and excitement and love, and then try to tie it up in the end. Lindelof and Cruse shared that burden. We allowed them the privilege of leading us along without a map or even a flashlight. That was the chance we took. Haters don’t realize that, I think.

I was sure that I would watch the whole series again but since I know Jack dies I might not. I missed season 2 and 3, and I hear 3 was pretty slow. On the other hand, there are some things that I don’t know that I would like to, like about certain relationships, who some characters were that are referenced later and how some people died. But since the show, ultimately, wasn’t as much a mystery as it was a love story, re-watching doesn’t seem as vital. Then again, how can I stop listening to Jay and Jack, who are now kind of my buddies?  (Okay, that’s exaggerating. They answer my emails.)

I’m in bed, thinking I should probably eat and get ready for my allergy appointment. What I feel like doing? Laying my head down and having a few good cries over love. Character love, sure. But love nonetheless.

Jorge Garcia sends a message to his fans.

If You Weren’t Adding To Body Image Issues, I Might Buy Your Video

I love Gwyneth Paltrow. I admire her, I think she is beautiful, I think she is talented. She seems like a smart, sensible person who likes to have fun. I’m a smart, sensible person who likes to have fun.

I also admire her physique, which we do not share. Ms. Paltrow writes about her trainer, Tracy Anderson, like on this blog post about how she got into shape for the new Iron Man movie. In it, Paltrow links to an Anderson butt and leg work out you can buy. I’ve been to Anderson’s website and tried her 9 minute enticement video. It was pretty good.

But here’s the problem: Anderson used the word “perfect” when talking about the kind of body I can have. That seems wrong. I can’t have the perfect body because I don’t have the same DNA as Gwyneth Paltrow. Or any other other celebrity who has a body I think is amazing. I have my DNA, which is decidedly NOT perfect. I can lose weight but I’ll always have hips and boobs. End of story.

Words like “perfect” are red flags for taking advantage of people’s insecurities to sell weight loss products.

Then there’s the “baby food diet.” Apparently, Anderson is out touting her idea that women can eat baby food all day and then eat an adult meal and lose weight. It probably works. Baby food is low in calories and fat. But is healthy? What do doctors and nutritionists think of this diet? Is Anderson a nutritionist? It sounds crazy to me. Wrong. Again, manipulative. (Thankfully Paltrow admits to eating actual food – what I like about her – and gives some recipes on that blog post.)

Anderson is pretty but not real. She has the “I’m amazing!” look that women in the Victoria Secret catalogues have but she does it on her videos. She is mugging during the work out. That’s weird to me. I want my trainer to be a regular person who doesn’t think she is better than me, just further ahead.

The butt and leg video is interesting – my ass is showing my age more than my wrinkles do. If I give this woman my money, though, it says I approve of her sales message, which I don’t. In fact, I think it perpetuates a myth that is dangerous to women. So, she won’t be getting my money and I’ll have to live without knowing the secret to a smaller, perkier butt  and how to never need squats again.

And I have to admit that the more Ms. Paltrow helps Anderson sell that message without questioning it, it knocks her pedestal down a little.