It Only Ends Once – My Take on the Lost Finale

It could be PMS.  That is my official explanation for why I am still weepy over the Lost finale. Otherwise I’d have to admit this emotional state is due to mourning characters. And that, well, that would be CRAZY!

I drove home from watching the series finale at a movie theater bawling like a baby. I can’t believe Jack died. I really didn’t think he would. I held out for Jack living on the island while he sent his friends home after they destroyed Man In Black. I thought that somehow the sideways timeline would end since MIB died, and everyone would live happily ever after. I realized that that ending would leave questions about a sequel or a Lost movie, something the writers adamantly refused to consider. With Jack dying and the island safe from the Smoke Monster, the story has no need for a movie. The story is done.

I appreciate that the most, even though I am not happy with it. The writers found a way to end the story. I know people are upset that all of the questions were not answered. My comment to them is, “Get a job writing a series in Hollywood that blows everyone’s mind, and then find a way to end it without pissing anyone off. Go ahead. Try.” We don’t know what it is like to have their job, we don’t know what it takes to write something that makes millions of fans around the world, a show that is full of mystery and excitement and love, and then try to tie it up in the end. Lindelof and Cruse shared that burden. We allowed them the privilege of leading us along without a map or even a flashlight. That was the chance we took. Haters don’t realize that, I think.

I was sure that I would watch the whole series again but since I know Jack dies I might not. I missed season 2 and 3, and I hear 3 was pretty slow. On the other hand, there are some things that I don’t know that I would like to, like about certain relationships, who some characters were that are referenced later and how some people died. But since the show, ultimately, wasn’t as much a mystery as it was a love story, re-watching doesn’t seem as vital. Then again, how can I stop listening to Jay and Jack, who are now kind of my buddies?  (Okay, that’s exaggerating. They answer my emails.)

I’m in bed, thinking I should probably eat and get ready for my allergy appointment. What I feel like doing? Laying my head down and having a few good cries over love. Character love, sure. But love nonetheless.

Jorge Garcia sends a message to his fans.

4 responses to “It Only Ends Once – My Take on the Lost Finale

  1. You have to watch all of it, all seasons. You are missing a lot of great stuff. I think this season kind of stands alone, as do others. I’m kind of thinking I might need to rewatch this entire season because if the sideways world was all from Jack’s POV, essentially, Jack’s creation, then it’s a whole different ballgame.

    I think there are a lot of people out there who still think the whole thing was about them being dead and the island was never real, and not that they died on the island. I think that’s bogus.

  2. Someone at work was just saying “Ok so now that I read the ending on facebook, how can I start and watch the whole 6 seasons if I already know this?” but to me it’s not a spoiler at all. Each season stands alone, and yet links. And this ending only spoils THIS season, honestly. Knowing it adds a different filter for the whole show which probably will make me want to watch the whole thing again…

    What a great way to sell box sets…..

  3. I cried like a baby when I saw him dying (though I saw it coming from the beginning of the episode), especially when he was alone. When the dog came to him, I freaking lost it. Thinking a dog would be there to transition you is close to my heart.

    I think the way it ended is the only way it COULD have ended. It took me a while to process it, and I still want to seek out opinions on it. But the happily ever after thing wasn’t going to work with this series… Or in life, period.

    It was kind of like the finale of Six Feet Under– of COURSE it had to end the way it ended to be true to the series.

    I just wish the battle between MiB and Jack would have been bigger, greater, more dramatic. And Ben… In like a lion, out like a lamb? No. That didn’t play well with me at all. His end should have been fierce.

    But I loved it.

  4. Read your take on the sideways universe on the Lost blog on I intially thought that Jack was responsible for the sideways universe but could not articulate why I thought so. Your explanations was great. It felt so spot on…that I am convinced that my original thought was correct. This was Jack’s story. It it makes so much sense, looking back, that the closer he came to death the closer everyone came to remembering who they were and what happened on the island so that could reunite.

    And I agree, you need to watch the entire series. Go for it!!