I’m a Mom who works in marketing communication and sales (two different jobs).  I live in the Dallas area with my husband, child and a mess of books.  I never see movies any more, I like music but feel the industry speeding past me at an incredible speed and stick with non-fiction books mostly.  I write my own memoir-style stories and have been published.

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  1. Very interesting and sweet — love that you are so in love with your child and she clearly knows it. Keep doing that!! Only advice as Mom to 3 is that I do believe we praise our kids too much. Someone else said it in their comment — do not tell them that EVERYTHING they do is amazing because first, it probably isn’t and second, then they will grow up thinking that everything they do is amazing and will be hurt and unprepared when you are not there and others are not singing their praises. That said, when your child is very young, I see nothing wrong with building their confidence (one of the most improtant things for success), but be careful as they get older. Have heard so much about this affecting job performance later on (management tired of people needing so much praise for them to perform what is expected of them).
    All of that aside, you are a smart woman and the fact that you are even asking this question shows that you are aware of the issue and will handle it beautifully.

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